44 DEGREES Magazine

Prefaces to publications of my works
in an Israeli online magazine.

Issue 21: Colors

In essence, any art – it’s the “author’s cinema”.
My “cinema” for those who love and understand the hidden
metaphors and historical parallels. Of course, I use the “special
effects”, but always very attentive to the “stage design” – nothing
extra! I’m interested to station people and objects outside their
usual environment, combine the past with the present and the
outward calm with internal dynamics. The symbolism of color
important to me no less than its expressiveness.

Issue 25: Movement

“When you draw a tree, you need to feel as it grows”.
This saying corresponds to my understanding of art.
Movement for me is not a caught photo-instant, but
a reflection of the inner life of people and nature.
Therefore, I do not use imitation techniques such as blur
or parallax effect. Physical accuracy is not important –
only visual persuasiveness, the impression of a stopped
and, at the same time, endless movement…

Issue 27: Touching Life

There is nothing more inspiring than life itself.
Its touch, whether it be echoes of history, the greatness
of nature or the miracle of the birth of feelings is an
inexhaustible source of our attempts to understand
the beauty and complexity of the human soul.