About myself

I live in Israel, came from Russia, was born in Ukraine.
Education: Herzen State Pedagogical Institute, Art-Graphic Faculty.

Membership in organizations
International Association of Art Artists Union of Russia
Expert Board of the international exhibitions of the World Fund of Arts
Board of Curators of the International Art Competition “SNAC-expo”

Main exhibitions
Museum of the Israeli Art, Israel Center Polaria, Norway
Rosenfeld Gallery, Israel International Center of Humour, Israel
Fontana Hall, Austria Central Exhibition Hall Manege, Russia
Business Center, Finland Central House of Artist, Russia

Selected murals
Pool, Palace Tel Aviv Inner dome, Beit Talhum Synagogue, Israel
Private villa Fontana, Austria Norman Hotel Tel Aviv, reconstruction
Celebration Hall Elya, Israel Juvenile Prison Ofek, Israel

Selected illustrations
Books Noah’s Ark and Hero Samson, Kinder Shpiel Publisher, USA
Book Droplets, Lulu Publisher, USA Cartoons, Blazer Magazine, Israel
Filmstrips for the animated series, Parovoz Studio, Russia

Participation in projects
Art Studio Model Arc, Israel Holding Palace Group, USA
Animated Storyboards Company, USA Company Playrix, Ireland
Agency Symbol Communication Group Channel One TV, Russia