Oil paintings

Dead SeaDead Sea. 70×100 cm

SisyphusSisyphus. 60×90 cm

Traveling with the dragonTraveling with the dragon. 60×80 cm

Return of Don QuixoteReturn of Don Quixote. 70×70 cm

Jerusalem’s spinning top (Sevivon)Jerusalem’s spinning top (Sevivon). 70×70 cm

Expectation (Prophet Eliyahu)Expectation (Prophet Eliyahu). 112×140 cm

Appearance (Messiah)Appearance (Messiah). 112×140 cm

Snow in JerusalemSnow in Jerusalem. 80×100 cm

ShofarShofar. 80×100 cm

Effect of NoahEffect of Noah. 70×70 cm

EdenEden. 65×70 cm

IntertemporalIntertemporal. 50×70 cm