About me

In essence, any art – it’s the “author’s cinema”. My “cinema” for those who love and understand the hidden
metaphors and historical parallels. Of course, I use the “special effects”, but always very attentive to the “stage
design” – nothing extra and random!  Besides painting I work in the field of graphic design, book illustration
and interior painting.

●  I live in Israel, came from Russia, was born in Ukraine.
●  Graduate of Pedagogical Institute, faculty of Art-Graphic, Leningrad.
●  International Association of Art  ●  Union of artists of Russia
●  Board of curators social network SNAC-expo, USA.
Professional experience:
●  Company «Animated Storyboards», USA  ●  Design firm «Model Arc», Israel
●  Art firm «Studio Nativ», Israel  ●  Children’s art school, Russia.
Selected projects – interior painting:
●  Swimming pool «Palace Tel-Aviv», Israel  ●  Villa «Fontana», Austria
●  Dome synagogue «Beit Talhum», Israel  ●  Hall of celebrations «Elya», Israel.
Selected exhibitions:
●  NER Art Gallery, USA  ●  Rosenfeld Gallery, Israel  ●  Club «Fontana», Austria
●  Museum of the Israeli Art, Israel  ●  International Center of Humour, Israel
●  Center «Polaria», Norway  ●  Central Exhibition Hall «Manege», Russia
●  Business College, Finland  ●  «Central House of Artist», Russia.
Selected clients:
●  Holding «Palace Group», USA  ●  Channel One TV Russia  ●  Magazine «Blazer»
●  Synagogue «Beit Talhum»  ●  Animation studio «Parovoz»  ●  Company «Playrix»
●  Agency «Symbol Communication Group»  ●  Book publisher Gold.
●  Arkhangelsk Art Museum  ●  Perm State Art Gallery  ●  Ministry of culture, Russia
●  Private collections in Europe and America.