King Solomon and copyright

It’s a fascinating thing – searching on the Internet by image…

And, alas, I’m not the only one who finds its works under another’s names. On some sites even sell
copies of paintings, giving them out as originals. But I’m more surprised by another, seemingly innocuous
phenomenon – the publication of works without any mention of the author.
Here is an example…
 <h3><span style=color: #999999;>King Solomon and copyright</h3>

I made this vector illustration to order a few years ago, showed on the site “Museum of Computer Art” and
successfully forgot about it. Today I found on the Internet 20 clones of this drawing illustrating articles about
King Solomon. The authorship was indicated only in one publication.
I do not exclude, someone decided that the artist has passed away two hundred years ago…
 <h3><span style=color: #999999;>King Solomon and copyright</h3>
Dear brothers-bloggers! Since the fair trial of Solomon remained in the distant past, I appeal to you on behalf of
many “impersonal” artists. Do not forget to indicate the authors of the works that decorate your inimitable texts!
At least out of courtesy.