King Solomon and copyright

It’s a fascinating thing – searching on the Internet by image…

And, alas, I’m not the only one who finds its works under another’s names. On some sites even sell
copies of paintings, giving them out as originals. But the most common phenomenon – the publication of works
without any mention of the author.
Here is an example…
 <h3><span style=color: #999999;>King Solomon and copyright</h3>
I made this vector illustration to order a few years ago and showed on the site “Museum of Computer Art”.
Later introduced minor corrections into the work. Today I discovered 20 clones of the first version of the drawing
in the articles about King Solomon. My name was indicated only in one publication.
 <h3><span style=color: #999999;>King Solomon and copyright</h3>

I do not exclude, someone decided that the author of the work has passed away two hundred years ago…
 <h3><span style=color: #999999;>King Solomon and copyright</h3>
And here is an example of the pirate use of the picture in the cards “Tarot of Solomon”.
It’s funny that the image is protected from copying by watermarks…

Dear brothers-bloggers, sellers and publishers!
The court of King Solomon remained in the distant past, but there is a law on copyright.
Do not publish works without obtaining the consent of the author and always indicate
their source!  Eighth commandment: “You shall not steal”.