The smelt fish walks!

Summed up the results of the international competition-festival on the creation of “ironic and modern image of smelt” – one of the symbols of St. Petersburg. Smelt, according to legend, it was the favorite fish of Peter the Great.
There is even an unusual and cheerful holiday – the Day of the smelt.

The competition received some 400 works carried out on the basis of a common template.
I also participated, because Peter – the city of my youth. And eventually won…
 <h3><span style=color: #999999;>The smelt fish walks!</h3>
The top picture is my – called “Keep your nose to the wind!”
This competition is held for the second year and is accompanied by a rich festival program
 <h3><span style=color: #999999;>The smelt fish walks!</h3>
The exhibition of the best competitive works will be opened at the Center for Art and Music “Nevsky 20″
 <h3><span style=color: #999999;>The smelt fish walks!</h3>
In conclusion a fragment of my smelt and wish everyone “Keep your nose to the wind!”