My site in catalogs

Registration in the Yandex.Catalog and catalog DMOZ – a priority for any webmaster.
Few details for those who are “not in the subject”…

On the Internet today there is a huge number of sites that are known only to their creators.
In such a situation, the availability of the site in prestigious catalogs – a sign of quality and other “charms”,
that lurk in a boring word “optimization”. That’s what the figures tell…
Yandex.Catalog – the most authoritative catalog of Russian Internet, therein more than 100 thousand sites.
This is 0.0025% of the 4 million – the total number of Runet sites.
 <h3><span style=color: #999999;>My site in catalogs</h3>
DMOZ – “catalog of catalogs”, the world-famous directory – there about 5 million sites.
This is 0.5% of the World Wide Web, in which more than a billion sites.
 <h3><span style=color: #999999;>My site in catalogs</h3>
Of course, I’m glad that my site has gone through the sieve of selection, because I did its myself.
But without you, my friends, all of this would not make sense. Thanks!