Expectation & Appearance

The content and meaning of most my works (seemingly, simple and realistic) viewers understand differently.
This is good, but sometimes I want to give and its own interpretation.

In the presented works there are many symbols related to the Torah and the Kabbalah,
but the heroes of the paintings are our contemporaries…

Expectation (Prophet Eliyahu)

  <h3><span style=color: #999999;>Expectation & Appearance</span></h3>
Canvas / oil, 112 x 140cm
Jerusalem, Biblical prophet Eliyahu (Elijah the prophet in Christianity), a harbinger of the Messiah.
He ascended to heaven alive, he has a direct connection with God. In feast of Pesach Eliyahu invisibly comes
to our houses – from him we expect a miracle, the arrival of better times. We all live in expectation…

  <h3><span style=color: #999999;>Expectation & Appearance</span></h3>
At the exhibition in the Museum of Israeli Art (Ramat-Gan)

Appearance (Messiah)

  <h3><span style=color: #999999;>Expectation & Appearance</span></h3>
Canvas / oil, 112 x 140cm
“358″ by gematria – number of the Messiah (Mashiach). With his appearance associated the salvation of mankind.
When and how it will happen, how he would look like? We have more questions than answers.
But we can look at this event with a smile… What time, such and the Messiah!